Printable Invoice Template

All of the invoice templates found on this site are printable. Just download them, open them in your favorite word editor or spreadsheet program and you can print them. You have two choices on how to print these invoice templates

  1. Blank Invoice Template – You can print out a bunch of blank ones and then fill them in with pen and pencil when you are ready to use them
  2. Printable Invoice Template – You can fill them in first, do all your total calculations, then print the out. This way you get a complete invoice pre-made without having to left a finger. This is also a great way to keep copies of your invoices on your computer so you don’t lose them.

If you want, you can also take these invoices to an office supply store and get them to print you large quantities of these templates. That way you will always have these available to use when you need to invoice your customers.